Sunday, February 19, 2012

Safe House: Movie Review

Ahad lepas, we had a ladies day out kat KLCC dengan coursemates masa degree dulu... dah lama sgt tak jumpa dorang sume... Further stories about this wonderful Sunday akan di ceritakan on upcoming entry, bila dorang da upload sume gambar, okeh... !

Kitorang ade gak pegi tengok movie. honestly, kitorang sebenarnya xde plan pun nk tengok citer ape... sampai depan kaunter tiket, siap tanya akak kaunter tuh citer ape yg best... end up, we decided to watch Safe House.. best!! tapi, 10minit pertama tuh agak slow sikit ah...siap aku leh tido lagi...dengan sakit kepala lg...hee..anyone yg tak tau nk layan movie ape, Safe House is a recommended movie!

Sinopsis: Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), an ex-CIA agent turned international criminal, acquires a series of secret files detailing the illegal activities of several worldwide peacekeeping agencies from a rogue MI6 agent, Alec Wade (Liam Cunningham). This makes Frost a target of mercenary Vargas (Fares Fares) and his men. In order to escape, Frost surrenders at an American embassy and is moved to a CIA safe house in Cape Town, South Africa.
The safe house's "housekeeper" is Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds), a low-level agent who lives in Cape Town with his girlfriend, Ana Moreau (Nora Arnezeder). He witnesses as Frost is interrogated by Daniel Kiefer (Robert Patrick), but the interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of Vargas and his men, who kill everyone inside. Weston escapes with a captive Frost at a chase through the streets of Cape Town, and then contacts his mentor, David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson). The call is intercepted by Catherine Linkater (Vera Farmiga), another CIA operative who orders Weston to stay off-grid and await for further instructions.
Weston hides at a run-down apartment, with Frost in tow, and calls Ana, who reveals that there's a suspect car parked outside her house. Weston suggests that she might be in danger and tells her to leave the house. Shortly thereafter, Weston receives a call from Linkater, instructing him to go toCape Town Stadium and retrieve a package at a locker containing a GPS with the location of a second safe house not very far away.
Weston holds Frost at gunpoint and succeeds in retrieving the GPS at the stadium, but Frost claims to a nearby policeman that he's being kidnapped by Weston, and Weston is arrested. Frost is sent to the stadium's infirmary, where he quickly dispatches the guards and escapes by disguising himself as a policeman. Weston sees everything from the interrogation room's security cameras and escapes, catching up to Frost at the parking lot, where Frost overpowers him and escapes.
Weston contacts Barlow again, and is ordered to go to the nearest American embassy, where the CIA will take over. However, on the phone, CIA Director Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard) uses an expression that Frost had taught Weston is actually a code for incoming problems. Weston instead meets Ana on a local train station, where he reveals that he's a CIA agent and tearfully sends her to her mother's house. Weston then uses a nearby internet center to locate the house of Frost's contact in Cape Town, Carlos Villar (Rubén Blades). Unbeknownst to him, he's being monitored by the CIA.
At Villar's house, Frost is attacked by Vargas and his team, but escapes with Weston's help. In the process, they learn that Vargas is actually working for the CIA, which is seeking to retrieve the files. Frost deduces that there's a traitor in the CIA and heads to the second safe house with Weston, where Weston gets into an altercation with the acting housekeeper, Keller (Joel Kinnaman). He helps Frost to escape before passing out from wounds sustained in the fight, and Frost leaves. Meanwhile, Linkater, who was investigating the connection between Vargas and the CIA, is executed by Barlow, who is the traitor.
Weston awakens with Barlow by his side, who reveals that the file contains incriminating evidence against him. As Barlow prepares to kill Weston, Frost returns and eliminates Barlow's assassins. Barlow attempts to escape with Weston, but Frost explodes Barlow's car and rescues Weston. However, Barlow is able to crawl out of the wreckage and shoot Frost in the back before being shot dead by Weston. With his dying breath, Frost gives Weston the files.
Weston later meets with Director Whitford, who asks Weston about the files' location. Weston denies being told by Frost where they're hidden, and, before leaving, is remind by Whitford that whoever has those files will have many enemies. Weston nods, and leaks the files into the internet moments after leaving. While Whitford and other CIA personnel are called to court for questioning regarding their law violations, Weston has a brief encounter with Ana in ParisFrance. They can no longer stay together due to her safety, and part ways after sharing a smile.

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