Thursday, January 22, 2009


hurmm...tetibe dpt idea lak nk write on s'thing.. It's about friendship. Just nk share idea on how to keep our good friendship walaupun dh lain tempat keje or tempat blaja.. Here, a few useful tips......

1.u guys need to plan some activity 2gether. Try to gather at least once a month. Kalau dpt buat once a week lg bagus. Just for hang out n borak2 psl hal masing2.. Go for a movie ker, shopping ker, or just makan-makan kat mamak.
2. Selalu la keep in touch ngn kawan2 yg jauh tu.. Tny khabar through sms or mms.Tak pun through social network (friendster, myspace, hi-5, facebook) or chat room(YM, MSN messenger, google talk).
3. Yang paling penting skali, kene la selalu ingat hari2 yg penting n special utk kwn2 u all tu. Contohnye, birthday or anniversary. Go out n celebrate it 2gether or just fly a wish to them..Dgn cara nie, kwn2 akan rasa dihargai n diingati walaupun terpisah jauh.
^^lebih kerap u all berhubung dgn kwn2 yg jauh, lebih baik..It will make sure the goog friendship will go for a very long time..

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